The Auric Colour Meanings

An Aura is an energy which is known to the unseen eye. Here is a list of Aura colours meanings for you all to know what each colour can tell you about your self. All living things radiate an aura, not just us humans but animals and plants even objects. We can also train our […]

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Fun free Aura Picture

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Just a quick post before later I do a daily card for everyone. I am an angel card and tarot reader please auras and clairvoyance. Now I came across this site and just by answering few questions and uploaded a recent picture it will change your photo into an auric photograph. It looks amazing with pretty colours.

Please note this is also entertainment purposes just to reflect on your aura. Give it a try, I did it on the laptop but try on your mobile phones am sure it will work go to 

The Auric Colour Meanings here to see what colours mean what.