Spirit Guides – Learn to contact Your Guides

Contacted your spirit guides can be a great experience. But how do we do this process what is needed for us to communicate and be connected to our spirit guides?

First, we must adapt to deep relaxation with meditation and visualisation. As we raise our energy vibrations to much higher levels. Spirit guides energies are at a much higher frequency so we must reach this same level and we can then communicate with them.

This is why I reshared this below; This is an excellent in-depth article on spirit guides.

Starting to learn how to communicate with spirit guides can open many doors in our spiritual journey. Learn to communicate with a spirit guide meditation, can help us connect with them. I will learn you in this article what a spirit guide is, from the signs we receive and how to meditate to open up […]

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Awakening Your Psychic Powers Psychic Awakening

Are you going through a psychic awakening, do you feel as tho you are awakening your psychic powers. Whatever you want to call it from intuition to spiritual awakening to psychic awakening it all boils down to spiritual enlightenment.

We all are born with the gift we all have it within us, but do we follow our hunches our gut when it cries out to warn us of certain situations in our life. Many people when they have psychic experiences they put it down to coincidences.

Check out below the article on top 10 signs of a psychic awakening and awakening your psychic powers.

Here we will discuss the basic fundamentals of psychic abilities and how to tell if your Awakening your psychic powers. The signs of Psychic Awakening find out more throughout this article and also throughout our site. What Causes An Psychic Awakening? Quite often in our life, we go through challenges life as to throw at…

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Ghost Story Competition Lets Go WIN Archangel Power Tarot Cards

We all love competitions right! Well, today I am sharing with you a way to win in the competition for Archangel Power Tarot Cards deck. I am sharing this as I know there are a lot of good WordPress writers out there and also psychics and developers. The link is below, follow it and the instructions because all the competition asks is you write on the site a unique grammar free ghost story in your own words and win these cards.

Ghost story Competition

The story as to be in your own words and not copied, you know what I mean there are people who are out there who copy and paste. The competition states that it will draw the winner on December 26th, 2017 and will be published on the website. So this will be handy as well if you own a site similar, write a unique ghost story of your own and also give your URL and this will be placed with your story. So check out below and good luck…


Up for grabs our Archangel power tarot cards competition 2017 is on the way to finish off 2017. So for your chance to win archangel power tarot cards deck, follow instructions below and rules: Come up with your own Ghost Story This can be a real life story or a made up one The winner will be…

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Grounding and psychic protection

When performing with any psychic ability or psychic development it is essential to learn, grounding psychic protection meditation. This is needed and advised by myself and many other well-known psychics out there. In this article we will go more into the meaning of and why grounding and psychic protection is a must. Grounding Psychic Protection What…

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Psychic Development for Beginners Intuition Guide — PsychicUnicorn

Learning how to develop your psychic abilities with Psychic development for beginners. Learn easily with the information we provide you with, to kickstart your psychic development. Start with the basics and gradually work your way up with confidence building and meditation. These are the main ingredients to becoming a great Psychic, whether you are using…

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Clairvoyant Ability Improving 5 Tips

So are you wanting to become or believe you are clairvoyant? Read our Clairvoyant ability improving tips and learn how easy it can be to develop your gift. Just like other abilities or just like riding a bike it can be fun but takes practice to master it! Clairvoyant Ability Improving Tips: Follow Our Top…

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