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Just a quick post before later I do a daily card for everyone. I am an angel card and tarot reader please auras and clairvoyance. Now I came across this site and just by answering few questions and uploaded a recent picture it will change your photo into an auric photograph. It looks amazing with pretty colours.

Please note this is also entertainment purposes just to reflect on your aura. Give it a try, I did it on the laptop but try on your mobile phones am sure it will work go to https://www.aurafy.io/ 

The Auric Colour Meanings here to see what colours mean what.

Anyone Tried Sociallikesplus

This is something totally different to my usual posts. I came across a website what all my friends are using call Sociallikesplus. Now the thing about this site it is meant to allow members to add their sites to it for more traffic. Also, do daily exchanges to earn points which you can then add your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram and much more like YouTube and your websites. You gain followers, likes all free.

So I tried it, and yes it does work. I was unsure at first as normally my posts are about angels and spiritual but I just thought I would ask anyone else who as used sociallikesplus to see what they have learned. I tried it and it’s boosting some my facebook likes and twitter followers. I did not try adding my site for traffic yet.

But anyway just thought I would share this. Just google sociallikesplus and it will come up of the site for those interested.

I might do daily card later on just not been online past few days with headache problems so been doing bit of spiritual healing.

Psychic Healing – How to heal

What is Psychic Healing? Psychic healing is the ability to use energy and other forms to help heal oneself and others. Everything in life as energy, Form human beings to Animals, plants and trees. They say also feel the healing and life force energy when we hug a tree. On this post I we will…

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How To Recall Dreams Remember Your Dreams

Dreams, everyone knows what dreams are but some think they don’t dream. Just because you can remember a dream doesn’t mean you don’t dream. Everybody dreams every night but how can we remember them if everyone dreams. Well read on and we will discuss dreams and how to recall them. What Are Dreams? Dreams…

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Positive Vibes

Have you ever experienced blissful joy in the lap of nature? Does your heart flutter with the butterfly or the hummingbird? Do you feel exhilarated at the first showers of rain? Does your heart leap at the sight of full moon? If yes, then you certainly possess the EQ (emotional quotient) to catch positive vibes, […]

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Runes And How to Read them for others

Runes are an ancient type of Oracle utilized by those looking for guidance. Runes have a long history, going back to ancient use by Germanic and Nordic tribes, are still broadly utilized as a part of the present society. Firstly Anybody can take part and have a rune reading, but on the other hand, it’s…

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Daily Angel Card 14th September 2017

Welcome my darlings, sorry I have not been doing these for a while I have been not well recently. But am back with a daily message another daily angel card for the 14th September 2017.



This card of the day is basically telling you to go for it. But with even saying that you need to feel the situation you are going with is right for you. So take a moment or 2 to take a look at the situation. Feel what you gut is telling you, trust what you feel and go with it with your eyes open.

So trust what you feel, and take action on your thoughts today!

Don’t go into anything with your eyes closed, all will be well with the angels by your side. I do also feel as tho you will find a spring into the right direction the angels are guiding you with nothing but love and light. The angels want the best for us all so remember if you’re having doubts and unsure then call up on the angels and ask for guidance.

So remember today is the day you should sort those things out you been putting off. Get them out the way and a call to action on situations which seem to be going well for you. Angels message to you is if it feels the right thing to do inside then go with it all is well. Trust your gut feelings and remember do it for yourself and not just for others around you. Love and Light Godbless X